Friday, February 23, 2018

Origins, Mobile Consciousness

Mobile First in Your Business Website Development.

How many of you believe that the mobile industry for business is still a phase or a compartment industry?  Well, I am here to let you know that you your thinking needs to change.  Mobile is not just a trend, it is a movement or better still a tendency for now. 

As you can see the ongoing shift of digital audiences to mobile devices is on a rapid increase, some of the world heftiest and most brisk growing soft-wares are mobile apps. There is also a substantial rise in mobile's growing share of online shopping and commerce.  So between the relevant mobile apps and their widespread use, along with mobile devices being used more and more for 
e-commerce the trend is definitely evolving to mobile.  We haven't even mentioned the rise in netflix, hulu and other streaming technologies that are now being used on mobile (or as we like to call them inhand devices).  These factors need to be considered in all business website development.

I would estimate it is not over for desktops and laptops yet. PC's still remain relevant in business, and we surmise it will be a tidbit of time before that changes in the market. With virtual reality on the rise we will still need ghastly, beefy video cards. So the PC may be germane for a while longer.

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